Wednesday, 15 May 2013


This week we are learning this Poem in class. It goes like...

      Two Little Dickie Birds
      Sitting on the wall,
      One name Pita
      One name Paul,
      Fly away Pita
      Fly away Paul,
      Come back Pita
      Come back Paul.

The interesting thing about this Poem is that I tried swapping Pita's and Paul's name by putting in kids names and they just loved it. By the way its only second day and they have learnt the Poem already!
Don't we Rock?

Marvellous Mother's Day Card Preparation

Awesome Room 5 kids in action preparing a Mother's day Card for their fabulous Mums.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Water Wise


Our school had Tina and Tane's team who came and did a show on how we can be water wise. Kids loved the show and we noticed that some kids from Room 5 were joining the team with their singing and doing some cool actions. "We Rock".

Scoot Skills Session


Delia from Auckland Transport came in again today to teach the whole school some of the scoot skills. We had half an hour session together with Room 1(10.00 - 10.30am). Kids were so generous as they kindly shared their scooter with each other. It was an awesome experience!

Our Bikes


For Shared Reading we read a book called "Bikes" by Janice Marriott. Photograph by Adrian Heke.
We then decided to draw our bikes in groups and colour.