Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I am a Winner

We individuals should not take defeat easily. There will be times when things will not go right. That's when we should stop and think!

Our movie "I am a Winner" is about a person who persevered and became a winner at the end and left one of his teachers speechless.

Please watch our movie and leave a nice and helpful comments for us in Room 1.


  1. Hi Room 1,
    Your video really made me stop and think about how we all have our own special talents and that we should look to develop those strengths. Thank you for bringing awareness!

  2. Hi glenbrae room 1,
    What A great film That was! It showed great music and great content in it I would love to watch that again and it also had a great feeling to it, My favorite parts were the start were the teacher is giving the students grades but they had really bad score and then the teacher starts to lecture them and the other part i like when he is on he bed studying but it's to hard and then sad music comes in then he leaves the bed at the end he chose to start cooking and it turns out he was very good at it so he finally found something that he can look forward to, in the end I really loved this film keep it going!

  3. Hi Room 1, I loved the video, you added some good life tips in there, very motivational and it will motivate a lot of little kids for their future lives, well done and good story line.

  4. Hi room 1 from Glenbrae School i like the emotions in i am the winner and plus the funny comedy the feedback is you need it to be longer From Andy

  5. Hi Glenbrae School,
    I liked it how you used the special effects and I can see that you have worked hard on the video. The music also made the video better.
    Thanks, Michael

  6. Hi Glenbrae School, I really thought that your film was wonderful, I really liked the part where he failed at subjects at school but was good at cooking. I really enjoyed watching your film. I also really liked the way you edited your film too.

  7. Hi Glenbrae
    What a great film room 1. It was really cool. I liked how the boy got a bad mark but he had his own special talent of cooking. It was really creative. I really like this video. Great job.

  8. Hi glenbrae
    That was a great film about even though he was well below doesn’t mean that he isn’t able to do nothing it just means he has a different talent like cooking and that would be a good life lesson

  9. Hey guys,
    Well done on this film, it really is a great way of telling people, to be greater than yourself, and showing it through a film. Great editing through the music, though i have to admit it was a bit laggy. All aside, it was a great film and keep it up.

  10. Hi room 1
    It was a great film it was really motivated and I can see you worked really hard on it. It was so good. I hope in the future will continue to make such marvelous films. Good job guys!

  11. Hi room 1 from glenbrae
    I think that your movie was excellent. I really love the way you made so there no adult in the actual movie and I think that gives you the look that you are are very grown up kids. I think the story was very strong and told a good story. Another thing that I liked is that the way you timed it made the music add a another level to the film. I think overall that it was an amazing film and keep on making good films.

  12. Hi Room 1,
    I bet you worked really hard on this video. I really enjoyed it ,it made me stop and think to work harder in school so thank you for inspiring me

  13. Hi Glenbrae,
    Great film! You guys have really shown the hard work depicted in this film, It is articulate, innovative and has a strong moral (meaning) that carries the storyline. Maybe next time you could work on the camera angles by experimenting with new techniques and styles. I look forward to seeing next year’s film. Keep up the good work!

  14. Hi Room 1,

    Soane you have taught us a great lesson to-day. We can be the best in anything. Keep up the great work Room 1.

  15. Hi room 1,

    I enjoyed watching your movie. The acting was well done and you must have put a lot of effort
    into this movie. I liked how at the end he achieved getting a job.

  16. Hi

    This is Room 1 from Panmure Bridge School. We like how your message is about working hard and achieving goals. In our class we are also trying to achieve our goals. Keep making these awesome videos.
    Room 1 Panmure Bridge School

  17. hi
    room 1 you guys were amazing and when people can remember to work had and if they cannot do it they can stick to something they are good at and not something you're not good at but you can try.

  18. Hello Room 1,
    I am in Hub 9, Stonefields School.
    This is a Top-Quality film! When I watched it I felt as if it totally changed me. The music and the sound was reasonable and inspiring. The editing was very professional. The actors were very appealing and has showed me that as long as you never give up you can always reach your goal.
    This film teaches me that in education you can also have failure but you can always fix it up.
    It also taught me that to have a companion around to help you would be very helpful.
    The Cinematography was skillful,smooth and effective. I think that your video will show people that they can reach their dreams if they work hard enough and put their heart in it. The scene natural and classical. I'd love to watch this video a thousand times more.
    Although it can be painful learning you will get a reward in the end.
    My favorite part of this movie was when the boy actually succeed in something he actually loved.
    While I grow up I hope I will follow the moral of this story that this film has taught me.
    You should make another one of these films it’s really encouraging and can help lots of people and teach them 3 or 4 things about life and how life cannot always be perfect.
    While watching this I had the best feeling in the world.
    I am glad you made this film.
    I wish the best for this film!
    Well done!
    I have no suggestions what so ever, because you movie is to gratifying.
    Have you watched one of the Stonefields School films?
    Well if you have the chance these are what the films are called:
    Expectations vs Reality
    School Stereotypes
    Songs In Real Life
    To reach hub 9's films you can press my name and it will lead you to our blog that will present you with out films that we've made in 2016.
    I hope you liked our films.

  19. Hi Room 5
    I really like your video how you get below to stanted. If you have time please look at our school.Thank you.

  20. Hey room 1, loved your movie. What great actors. You convey a great message, everyone is special and has a talent. Keep up the good work.

  21. Hi room 1,i really like your video and i like how you did your homework.
    well done,keep it up.

  22. Good afternoon, Room 1,
    I am surprised by your film, surprised because the right angles were perfectly in shape, also the seen wasn't just in school or the subject wasn't just learning but it was a different subject in a different place.
    My favourite part in the film was the end when the costumer shook her head. Another one is when a friend was encouraging and caring.
    My suggestion would be that you made a Part 2 about this.
    you could also check out my hub's films, to get there, click on my name and if it doesn't work then click on home.

  23. Hi Glenbrae,
    WOW I really like your movie,I really like the way that you had confidence and put in a lot of effort in your movie and I really love how you can inspire little kids and those who are struggling.Keep the Great Work Up


  24. Kia Ora room 1
    I enjoyed watching your video its really intresting. We made a film like yours but its about how you never give up in sports. I always try my best to improve in all my subjects. What subjects do you enjoy

  25. Hi Room 1, I really like your movie. It's really good how your tried to make up for your bad grades. Maybe next time your could have better quality.
    Keep It Up !

  26. Hi Room 1,
    We are Room 12 from Hamilton East School and we have just watched your movie. Here are our comments...
    Aiden - I like how you made the small kid the child and the bigger kid the adult.
    Luca - I like how you recorded the voice over so we could hear it clearly without the background noise.
    Isabel - I like the message of the story, we have some strengths and some weaknesses but that doesn't matter, no one is perfect!
    Your movie was inspiring.
    Hiba - I like how you showed that your hobby became your profession.

  27. hi room 1 i like your good m

  28. Hi my name is Key and I am from Glenbrae School and I love your rap. Your rap was very swag and amazing. It was creative and I like your rhymes.