Thursday, 27 February 2014

Watch how we are Floating

The instructors are gone but we are so fortunate to have Ms D. in our class as a Teacher Aide who has got many years of experience as a Swimming Instructor. You will be amazed to see what she has taught us today. Scroll down and watch our videos...
IMG 4973 from Anjila on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Games, Games & Games

For whole lot of fun games please click HERE and enjoy...

Basket Ball - 1st session today...we just loved it!

IMG 0813 from Anjila on Vimeo.

A short but very sweet visit by Mr Alan Duff in our class today...

Alan Duff is a novelist, columnist, advocate and businessman. His first published novel, Once Were Warriors, was a huge success, and was subsequently made into a feature film. He has published several novels, and written for radio and as a newspaper columnist. Son of scientist Gowan Duff and Kuia Hinau, Duff has been an outspoken commentator on Maori affairs, and was the driving force behind the Books in Homes scheme, which aims to make books available to underprivileged children at minimal cost. Read more...

Fun games on the last day with the swimming instructors!

On the second day of our school this term we were asked to bring our togs for swimming lessons. The best part was that Swim Magic Swim School, Glen Innes provided us with 3 lovely swimming instructors for 3 weeks ie. for Years 3-8 children. 
They divided us into 2 levels and taught few techniques so that we can improve out swimming techniques. It was really cool as we also had fun games (as you can see below) to play on the last day with the instructors.

Swimming at School

Swimming started from the 2nd day we started school this term.
Its is really cool to swim.
We need to remember to bring togs everyday.
If we don't then we have to sit and read our favourite book(s) from National Library.