Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wheels Day (12/9/2014)

Despite the rain we still gave our best on the Wheels Day!
IMG 6369 from Anjila on Vimeo.

IMG 6366 from Anjila on Vimeo.

Travel Wise & Dental

On September 3, Trevor from Auckland Transport came to our school and spoke to our parents on Home School Partnership evening about Travel Wise. He briefly spoke about some of the changes which is going to take place especially in front of our school road. He talked about the advantages of using seat belts, using car seats and so on. 

In addition to Travel Wise we had Cathlyn from Penrose Dental speaking about How we should look after our Teeth. She was really informative too. She also left a Dental Kit in our school for us children to learn more from.

Friday, 12 September 2014

At the Party (By: Whaiora)

A boy came to the door and he was not invited to our party. There were lot of people and kids. The kids were playing around the house when the people came. Everybody helped to make the house beautiful and the kids were playing in the room on the computer. The weather was sunny, nice and beautiful. It was Michael bestest day of his wholed life and the kids had a happy day of there life too. Micheal is 20 years old. He likes to play on psp, games and playing our side . Jake is 18 years old. He likes to play psp too. A boy came to the door and that boy was not invited to the party. The boy was told to go away and find another party to go to. Then the boy left. The lesson learnt to never to tell the boy to get away and but just let the boy to join in the party. BY: Whaiora

At the Party (By: Penitoa)

It was the scariest day of AJ's and Janden's life. The weather was cold and people were having fun. The kids were running around the house with there balloons. AJ was 19 years old and he has bushy hair. He is clever and strong. Janden is i8 years old. He shows off to people. He got spiky hair. AJ was having a party with Jaden and when he went and opened the door the fire work came and crashed the windows. The curtains caught fire and the whole house was on fire. AJ and Jaden ran outside and they dialled 111 and the firemen came and put out the fire. Janden and AJ said Thank You to the fireman. The lesson learnt was do not throw fire works when there is a party inside the house.BY PENITOA

At the Party (By: Anita)

It was a darkest, scary night in Vikki and Chloe's whole life. There were lots and lots of people at the party. The party was at Glenbrae school hall. One day two kids called Vikki and Chloe decided to plan a birthday party for Vikki. Vikki was 25 years old and Chloe was 20 years old. Chloe is Vikki's sister. Within a few minutes as soon as the power went off, Chloe accidently spilled fruit punch on her new dress. Everyone were screaming and getting in there car. Vikki quickly called the electricity man to fix the power and then dried Chloe's dress. Then she told the people to wait and everything was okay. The lesson learnt was always check things before doing things. By: Anita

At the Party (By: Maselino)

The weather was sunny and the birds were chipping... One day there were two boys called Tom and Jaden. They were best friends. The sun was shinning and the sky was blue. The people were decorating the house, tables and chairs. The food was cooked. The party was at home. Tom was 29 years old. He liked to show off. Jaden liked going to school. He is 19 years old. Tom heard something and he went looking where the sound was coming from. It was the smoke alarm and they saw a big fire in the kitchen. They ran. They were screaming for help. Jaden called on 111 and the fire engine came in 5 minutes. The fire people worked hard to put the fire out and finally they did. Jaden, Tom and others were ok. The lesson learnt go with a family and a gron nap. By: Maselino

At the Party (By: Loto)

It was a fine day. One day there were two kids. On Monday 21st of August 2014, one of the kids birthday came up. The birthday was celebrated at home. His name is Ajani and the other one is Olava. Ajani is 28 years old. Olava is 28 years old too. Ajani is clever and Olava is good at rugby. Olava and Ajani got a big fright because the emergency water came down. It was the huge candle that set the emergency water. Ajani rushed quickly to press the red button and stop the water. The cake fall on the ground because of the water. Ajani and Olava were sad. So they went to the near by shop and bought two slice of cake and ate it. The lesson learnt was to never put a huge candle on a cake. By:Loto

Thursday, 11 September 2014

At the party (By: Alex)

It was a bright sunny day. The birds were chirping and flying. Cars were outside, kids were at school playing. People were at the beach with there families swimming. Fat boy was 25 years old. He had blond hair and black eyes. Tomato was 23 years old it was her birthday. She had green eyes. The cake had no candles but the cake started to melt because of the icing. Tomato put the cake in the fridge and Fat boy went to the candle shop to get candles for the cake. The lesson learnt was to be plan ahead and be prepared. by: Alex

The Party (By: Telesia)

They were shocked. It was a beautiful night. The stars were shining up high in the sky. One day there were two exiting kids called Lucinda and Maryanne. Lucinda is turning 18 and she is having a birthday party. She is very pretty. Maryanne has green eyes. She is Lucinda's little sisters. Maryanne loves to sing. Lucinda is very exited for her birthday party. There theme was vampires. While Lucinda was dancing with Maryanne a group of gangsters kicked the door open and attacked Maryanne. They also messed up the party. Lucinda got very angry and wanted to beat them up. So she did. Everyone was clapping. Lucinda was very proud. The lesson learnt is to learn self-defence. By Telesia