Monday, 4 April 2016

Kiwi Can

Today we learnt how to solve conflicts or resolve conflicts. We played some games to demonstrate how to solve problems by being respectful.

Day 3 with Constable Jude

Today Constable Jude taught us how to put the seat belts on and which way to get of the parked car. We all learnt that the house side is the best side so that we are safe. If for some reason we have to get out on the road side then an adult must supervise for safety reasons.

Our Police Hats

We coloured out hats, cut it and then made a band so that it can fit around our heads. We even labelled our hats with our names.

Throwing skill

Today our class went to the hall and we practiced out throwing skill. We only focused on chest passing. We as a class had lots of fun.