Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How Blessed We Are!

Our movie has a message that we should always appreciate what we have in our lives. Also, whenever possible help others. God will bless us in abundance. Watch our movie and see what you think of it.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Friday Fun Games

Few pictures of the different kinds of games we played - playing senior sports and junior sports kept everybody engaged. Despite the rain we had a great day. 

PE Sports Shed

Today we had a short assembly at 12.15pm. This is just because the Lion Foundation and Kiwi Can upgraded our PE Shed, donated some new sports gear and did a number of murals for our school. The murals are all related to our sports. After the assembly we had sausage sizzle and games organised by them as well. We were very happy and thankful to them.


On Friday Kalo from our class surprised us by coming to school wearing a sun glass and a cool hat. You know what she was well prepared for today's Sports Shed completion & "opening" Celebration, sausage sizzle and a fun games. Below are some of the photos of Kalo. She looked awesome.

Our last Get Set Go

We had lots of fun taking part in Get Set Go with Sophie. The main focus for our group/ year level was Throwing and Catching.

Sewing Club in Action - 1/9/2015

Reading Task - T-Rex Group

One of the reading groups read a book called "My Brother". As one of the activities our group was asked to do one Explain Everything by drawing and writing few things about our brother/cousin (ie. if you do not have a brother). 

This is how hard Junior and Kestrel worked today.

Richie's Thailand Trip

Reading Task - Brachiosaurus Group

One of our reading books last week we read was called "Shopping with Adam". In that story Adam had diabetes. As one of our activities we had to research more about blood sugar meter (image) and why we use and how to use.

Below are some of the Explain Everything we did individually.