Friday, 30 August 2013

Our Paintings

My name is Loto and I painted Cinderella because I am an artist.

My name is Penitoa and I painted a boat because I love to see boats going in the sea.

My name is Maselino and I painted a fire boy because he has power.

My name is Robin and I painted a kangaroo because I saw a book and the cover had a kangaroo.

My name is Riza-Dee and I tried to paint a dinosaur because they have spikes on their back.

My name is Penelise and I painted a butterfly because they can fly.

My name is Tydre and I painted a flower because bees can drink nectar off the flower.

My name is Davarni and I painted a horse because I like horses a lot.

Thursday, 29 August 2013


5 Great Things About Parent’s
They are good chefs.
They love us.
They listen what we say.
The can write fast.
They get us pets.

5 not-so- Great things about parents
They don’t know how to ride a skateboard.
 They can break swings.
They can make holes in the trampoline.

They can get kicked out of work.

By Angelina

Game of Softball

We had 3 other sessions learning softball skills.
Today we played Softball for the first time.
We learnt how to hold the bat and people not batting to stay away from the bat.

Waka Waka Eh Eh

Room's 1 & 5 hosted the school assembly on the 23rd of August. The assembly really went well and this is one of the items Room 5 did. E N J O Y and please watch out for the other half. It will be uploaded soon.


IMG 0704 from Anjila on Vimeo.

IMG 0040 from Anjila on Vimeo.

Our Funfilled Fitness in the Classroom

IMG 0039 from Anjila on Vimeo.

Monday, 26 August 2013


What I did in my Weekend?

On Saturday I  went to my cousins wedding. At church my dad and my
mum brought a wedding cake and some food. At church my uncle Afa
brought a Dj to download some songs to dance. My uncle told the 
Dj to turn on the song louder. We danced and had lots of fun. 

By: Newsam

In the weekend I went to a birthday party at Chipmunks. I bought a cake for my cousin. We ate lots of food.  We played on the slide, ball shooting and the highest slide. We ate the ice cream and the cake. It was yum.

By: Danny 

On Saturday I went to my aunty's house and we went to the movies
After watching the movie we went home.

By: Salote

In the week- end I went to church. At 11.00am we started Sunday school. In Sunday school I learned the 3 spirit. The  first spirit  is joy ,  the  second  spirit is  love , the third spirit  is  thankfulness.  After church my mum came and picked me and then we went and got an ice-cream.  Then we went back home.

By: Angelina

In the weekend  I went  to the park. After that we went  to my home and watched  television.  After  that I went  to my  mum’s  home  and we ate roast pork.

By: Maselino

In the weekend I went to the museum and then I went back  home.

By Tydre

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Porridge Making (Heat on the Move)

This Term for Topic we are looking at Heat on the Move and then relate it to Transportation (Simple Mechanisms) that is how heat contributes towards movement of machines. 

So to start off our Junior syndicate thought to make Porridge so that children can see how heat travels from the stove element to the pot and then gets the porridge cooked. 

Kids really had fun as they got to experience a great deal from Writing the method they think would be used to cook the porridge (the ingredient list was provided). Then taking them to the Kitchen, cooking the porridge and eating.

Please do come back and read the experience some of the kids shared during Writing lesson after eating the Porridge!





Friday, 2 August 2013

Our Guided Inquiry Presentation

On Wednesday was our presentation for the Guided Inquiry Learning. That is whatever we learnt in Term 1 we had to come up with few questions to work in Term 2 by researching and presenting it to parents and other junior classes as they rotated among different classes.

It was quite interesting as apart from gaining confidence we learnt a lot from different classes presentation. Most importantly we learnt in which areas we need to work harder and get better at.

Our questions were as follows:

Images from the Boat groups presentation........

Images from the Helicopter groups presentation.......

Images from the Gondola groups presentation.......

Followed by images from the Chairlift groups presentation......

Rotation = Parents, teachers and kids joining in at different times.....