Friday, 12 September 2014

At the Party (By: Whaiora)

A boy came to the door and he was not invited to our party. There were lot of people and kids. The kids were playing around the house when the people came. Everybody helped to make the house beautiful and the kids were playing in the room on the computer. The weather was sunny, nice and beautiful. It was Michael bestest day of his wholed life and the kids had a happy day of there life too. Micheal is 20 years old. He likes to play on psp, games and playing our side . Jake is 18 years old. He likes to play psp too. A boy came to the door and that boy was not invited to the party. The boy was told to go away and find another party to go to. Then the boy left. The lesson learnt to never to tell the boy to get away and but just let the boy to join in the party. BY: Whaiora


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    1. Thanks Kahlista. I have got Year 3&4 and now they are getting into this Narrative Writing. What genre you like writing about?

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    1. Hi Penitoa. Hope you are doing well. Do you like your Narrative Writing? and why?

  3. Hi glenbrae
    great work that you have been doing keep up on the good work

  4. Thanks Jasmine, please do read few more stories we have published and tell us which one you liked the best. Thanks again.