Friday, 12 September 2014

At the Party (By: Penitoa)

It was the scariest day of AJ's and Janden's life. The weather was cold and people were having fun. The kids were running around the house with there balloons. AJ was 19 years old and he has bushy hair. He is clever and strong. Janden is i8 years old. He shows off to people. He got spiky hair. AJ was having a party with Jaden and when he went and opened the door the fire work came and crashed the windows. The curtains caught fire and the whole house was on fire. AJ and Jaden ran outside and they dialled 111 and the firemen came and put out the fire. Janden and AJ said Thank You to the fireman. The lesson learnt was do not throw fire works when there is a party inside the house.BY PENITOA

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