Friday, 12 September 2014

At the Party (By: Anita)

It was a darkest, scary night in Vikki and Chloe's whole life. There were lots and lots of people at the party. The party was at Glenbrae school hall. One day two kids called Vikki and Chloe decided to plan a birthday party for Vikki. Vikki was 25 years old and Chloe was 20 years old. Chloe is Vikki's sister. Within a few minutes as soon as the power went off, Chloe accidently spilled fruit punch on her new dress. Everyone were screaming and getting in there car. Vikki quickly called the electricity man to fix the power and then dried Chloe's dress. Then she told the people to wait and everything was okay. The lesson learnt was always check things before doing things. By: Anita

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