Friday, 12 September 2014

At the Party (By: Loto)

It was a fine day. One day there were two kids. On Monday 21st of August 2014, one of the kids birthday came up. The birthday was celebrated at home. His name is Ajani and the other one is Olava. Ajani is 28 years old. Olava is 28 years old too. Ajani is clever and Olava is good at rugby. Olava and Ajani got a big fright because the emergency water came down. It was the huge candle that set the emergency water. Ajani rushed quickly to press the red button and stop the water. The cake fall on the ground because of the water. Ajani and Olava were sad. So they went to the near by shop and bought two slice of cake and ate it. The lesson learnt was to never put a huge candle on a cake. By:Loto

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