Monday, 26 August 2013


What I did in my Weekend?

On Saturday I  went to my cousins wedding. At church my dad and my
mum brought a wedding cake and some food. At church my uncle Afa
brought a Dj to download some songs to dance. My uncle told the 
Dj to turn on the song louder. We danced and had lots of fun. 

By: Newsam

In the weekend I went to a birthday party at Chipmunks. I bought a cake for my cousin. We ate lots of food.  We played on the slide, ball shooting and the highest slide. We ate the ice cream and the cake. It was yum.

By: Danny 

On Saturday I went to my aunty's house and we went to the movies
After watching the movie we went home.

By: Salote

In the week- end I went to church. At 11.00am we started Sunday school. In Sunday school I learned the 3 spirit. The  first spirit  is joy ,  the  second  spirit is  love , the third spirit  is  thankfulness.  After church my mum came and picked me and then we went and got an ice-cream.  Then we went back home.

By: Angelina

In the weekend  I went  to the park. After that we went  to my home and watched  television.  After  that I went  to my  mum’s  home  and we ate roast pork.

By: Maselino

In the weekend I went to the museum and then I went back  home.

By Tydre

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