Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A short but very sweet visit by Mr Alan Duff in our class today...

Alan Duff is a novelist, columnist, advocate and businessman. His first published novel, Once Were Warriors, was a huge success, and was subsequently made into a feature film. He has published several novels, and written for radio and as a newspaper columnist. Son of scientist Gowan Duff and Kuia Hinau, Duff has been an outspoken commentator on Maori affairs, and was the driving force behind the Books in Homes scheme, which aims to make books available to underprivileged children at minimal cost. Read more...


  1. Wow Room 5, weren't you lucky to have Mr Duff visit and share his knowledge and stories! He asked us in Room 10 what our dreams were and reminded us to work hard to achieve them.
    I hope you all enjoy the Duffy books you get to take home too.
    Mrs Parker Room10

  2. Hi Mrs Parker, Yes it was really nice having Mr Duff in our class but sad his visit was a short one. He reminded us to be happy all the time by smiling and working very hard in school. Duffy Books (free books) are really awesome for Room 5 as we can read at home to our parent's and siblings. Mrs Parker have you been to any other Duffy schools?