Friday, 14 February 2014

Water Fun Day at Our School

Last Friday we had Water Fun day. We all gathered at the senior courts area. From there in our class house groups we went to different events. Some of the events were Zig-Zag, Water Slide, Sponge, Walk the Plank, 3 Legged Race, Through the Leg and Obstacles Race. The main thing we had to do was collect as much water as we can in the big containers placed in the middle of the courts area. The house teams which collected the most water was Rata and Kauri. As a school we had lots of fun because teachers and kids worked together. Most of us we got we so we changed our clothes and got ready for Morning Tea. By: Jordan, Po, Kahnye, Emmanuel, Winnie, Amelia


  1. Hi Jordan, Po, Kahnye, Emmanuel, Winnie and Amelia,
    Together you have written a detailed recount of the Water Fun Day. I especially like that you have included the main point of the day (besides having fun and getting wet!).
    Great work,
    Cheers, Tsana (Robin & Karl's mum)

  2. I'm glad you participated in all the activities, had fun, got wet and collected a lot of water in the house bins. I enjoyed the day too. I wish we had another water fun time.