Thursday, 6 June 2013

Danny's 8th Birthday

We in Room 5 were busy as bees on Friday the 31st of May.
We had to host the assembly with Room one and on top of that we celebrated Danny's Birthday. He turned 8 on the 1st of June. We were lucky to have yummy cake and delicious pizza from Danny's family.


  1. Hi Danny
    It was lovely of your family to include your classmates in your celebration of your birthday. Lots of the other children told me about it. I hope you enjoyed your day.

  2. It was a huge surprise for me to see Danny's family joining the kids for his birthday celebration. I only knew the cake is coming but when I saw the pizza .....yum. You know what this is what we call Glenbrae family. Plus Danny's mum was so fast and organised..... hearty thanks to you mum and grandmother, uncle and baby.

    Mrs K.

  3. a huge thank u to all your comment