Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Plus, Minus & Interesting things we did in the 2 Weeks Break

School Break PMI  By Robin
L.I: understand what P.M.I means
1. Played with brother
2. Went to Musuem
3. Played on computer
4. Played cards
5. Did Maths Whizz
1. Ate to much drop
2. Cut the hedge down
3. Wanted to get first on  
    Maths Whizz
4. Crusaders lost
5. Papa didn’t see me score
1. Watched star wars
2. Went to the sky tower
3. Basketball muster
4. Scored goal
5. Watched rugby game

School Break  By Newsam
L.I: understand what P.M.I means

1. I get to spend with my dad at       work.
2. I get to go to Mc Donald
3. I get to eat ice cream.
4. I felt happy and proud of               myself.
5. I was so amazing.
1. I got a growling.
2. I fell at the park.
3. I didn’t go to Raratonga.
4. I was mad and angry.
5. I was sad.
1. I get to watch scary movie at         home.
2. I went to Rainbows End.
3. I get to go to Samoa for a               day.
4. I went t to the shops.
5. I get to go to the ice cream             shop.


  1. Kia ora Robin and Newsam,
    Using the PMI format is a good way to evaluate events and also help you make decisions - make a list of the pluses and the minuses for each option then make your decision based on that.
    It certainly looks as if you both had a great time over the holidays. Unfortunately, there will often be things that make us sad, btu it looks as if your plus and interesting things were excellent!
    Cheers, Tsana (Robin & Karl's mum)

  2. Thanks Tsana again.

    I just thought to keep it a bit different rather than just asking the kids how was their 2 weeks break.
    I like how you mentioned about making decisions. Yes before making decisions/ choices we need to think what will be the consequence(s) and if so what can we do better.

    Keep a watch there will be few more PMI's posted soon. Xoxo.

  3. Hi Robin I love what you did and now you look like a year 6 what you are doing