Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Our original Halloween Poems!

Halloween is fun, 
Halloween is scary. 
Halloween has lollies with candy.

By Alex

Halloween Halloween I am a ghost.
I am invisible
I will eat you if you don't.

By Angelina

Halloween is cool and Halloween is fun
When we knock on people's door
They give us some lollies,
Because we dress scary.

By Riza-Dee

Halloween Halloween go to sleep,
dream about something very sweet.
It can be a holiday to London, 
or New Zealand,
and it can be very spooky in Halloween.

By Danny

Halloween Halloween Halloween,
Dress up scary and spooky
and do trick or treat.

By Delta

Halloween is so spooky
Ghosts come out
Dream about lollies sweet
Whoa go ghosts
Halloween, halloween go to sleep
If you don't I'll eat some meat
I am invisible so I can float

By Robin

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