Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Travel Wise Week (19/5 - 26/5, 2014)

This is our Travel Wise Week.

The theme of the week in 2014 is 'Tune in to road safety'. We're all human: we daydream, get side-tracked, run late and make mistakes. But on roads, distractions can be fatal. When using roads, we all need to tune in to road safety and give it our full attention - particularly if we're at the wheel, but also when we're cycling, walking, skating, running, you name it - to keep ourselves and others safe.

We're asking everyone to pledge to tune in to road safety - that means promising to do your best to keep focused on the task at hand, and never putting yourself and others in danger for the sake of a call, text or other activity that can wait.

During the Week we'll be appealing to drivers to turn off their phones, and to everyone to help protect themselves and others by not speaking on the phone to someone who's driving, and when out on foot or bicycle getting off the phone, taking out headphones and taking care to stay focused on the task at hand.

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