Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Special Time with my Cousin/s

My Special Time with my Cousin.
By Anastacia Folau.

Me and my cousin Elizabeth likes to play with
each other because she likes to play and have
fun with me and my sister Anita. We always like
 acting.  She is bad and I am good. She likes to
eat with me and sleep with us she also likes to go
 on our bed and talk about stuff. We also like to
go on our bed and bounce on it. She likes our
bed and we also play music at my house and
sometimes she cries because she misses her
mum and dad. Once me and her ate a creamy
thing with ice-cream and some strawberries.



 My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Victoria Malele.

Me and my cousins play in my room. They make
me feel very happy. We love playing in my room.
Their names are Victoria F and Salesi. Victoria is
short and Salesi is tall. They told me that they
are going home but the wanted to stay at my
house. When it was Friday they went home
because the mum said they had to go home for
school. They saw me at my school and we played


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Shaniqua Marsters.

My cousins names are Kiki, Lexis and Lewis and
we always play at my auntys house and it is fun.
We play hide and go seek. Clap is a scary game
and it is also a fun game to play because my
cousins like to play that scary game and I was
scared because it was too scary for me. I like to
 play with my 3 cousins because they are nice to
me and they let me come over to their house. It
 looks very pretty and its fun. When I play there
we play hide go seek and go clap and its fun.


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By L.J. Sua.

My special time with my cousins is when they

come to my house. My cousins names are Alex

and Roney. I like to play Ninja and hide and go

seek. We play on Sundays. My cousins play at my

house but I only like playing with Roney. We play

on my brothers netbook. I love my cousins. My

cousins like to eat cake and I do too.


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Ngakiri Amosa.

My cousins names are Apii, Viti and Anthony.
I always play with them in the holidays. We play
tag and they never get me. We always play funny
games too. I like playing with them because they
do fun things.

 In Australia my cousins and I were
the flower girls for my auntys wedding. I like
going to Australia with my cousins.

My cousins and I always cook too. People always make our food. We cook eggs for breakfast. I like spending time with my cousins because they are always kind to me.


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Viliami Maasi.

We had a barbeque at our cousins house and we
played hide and seek. My sister Sia was the
finder then we play on my cousins play station.
We play in the garage Transformers and played
hand ball. For lunch we went inside to eat.
It was someones birthday and we ate cake. We
also laid on the bed. We watched rugby on tv
then we played rugby outside. We also play tag
and my other sister Luisa was the tagger.


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Mele Fa’avae.

We like to play hide and seek. We also like to
play tag too. My cousins are 16 and 12 years old.
When we play hide and seek we play at night time.
Sometimes they can not find me when I hide under the tables. We play tag outside on the front lawn. Every time after we play our mum comes out and tells us to have a shower. When we play tag the can’t get me when I run around the trees on the front lawn.

I will tell you how we play tag. The first thing we do is, I meet at night time we close the cutains until  it is dark. After doing that we have to count to 30 before few try to find them.


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Shining Makitae.

My cousins name is Tyder and he is 5 years old.
We play tag outside and we always play marbles.

On the road and the next door neighbours. We

have heaps of marbles. I think they have 1,000

marbles at their house. They have colourful

marbles too. His friends give me marbles and he

gives us marbles too. At first I didn’t know he

was my cousins too. My cousins run about now.


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Kue’a Maasi.

At my cousins house we played Shrek but it was

blurry. We changed it to the cartoons. We played

cops and robbers. We played hand ball. We ate

 Shrimps and sushi then we watched rugby. We

went back home and went to sleep. We left our

sisters at the airport and they walked home.


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Bianca Tua.

Me and my cousins went to Mcdonalds and my 
mum ordered a cheese burger. My cousins
names are Pandora, Issac and Marianda. When
we finished our Mcdonalds we went to the park
and I played on the slide. We went home and my
mum made ice cream because it was hot in my
house.  My cousins looked at our pool. When we
finished in the pool we went and got changed
then we ate pies and they were yummy. We had
to drop my cousins then we played at my cousins
house. Me and mum went home and we had
some cake. My cousins are 7 and 9 years old.


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Lewis Wilson.

Me my family and cousin went to Mcdonalds and had pancakes and bacon and egg burgers for breakfast. My cousin is 11 and his name is Max. When we got home me and my cousin woke my brothers dog up. I bought my scooter out too. I was riding my scooter and my dog was running beside me. Later me and my cousin went back to my house and we played call of duty on my brothers playstation4. I went next door and I had dinner with my family and my cousin. We played video games, when my cousin came over to my house, my cousins dad let my cousin sleep over at my house and we watched Rio 2 and Cloudy with Meatballs part 1&2 . We also watched Age of Ultron with my cousin. These are my favourite movies. After my cousin asked if I wanted to play blind mans bluff but I said no and we went to sleep.


My Special Time with my Cousins.
By Keio Finau.

My cousins name is Jeziah. We like playing rugby

and with a ball. We put on our shoes to kick the

ball. The other people run after the ball. I like to

get the ball and run to the goal to score a try. I

feel happy when I am with my cousin Jezah.


My Special Time with my Cousin.
By Jeziah Burell.

My cousins name is Max. We always go to the

Skate park. When it rains we stay home and play

on our x box 360. We have all of the good games.

We have Batman game, the Spiderman game

and the Superman game. My cousin is a boy.


  1. Dear Glenbrae please add more details and more videos

    From stacey at pt england school

  2. Hi Room 5 I really like your story because it has details in it and it is just so cool.GOOD ROOM 5

  3. Hi Room 5 I really like your story because it has details in it and it is just so cool.GOOD ROOM 5